The Lickets: Musicians
Mitch Greer: guitar, sitar, cello, violin, double bass, keyboards, synthesis, electronics, vocals, percussion, engineering
Rachel Smith: flute, guitar, keyboards, synthesis, vocals, harmonium, percussion, melodica
Untitled First Album
G.P. Cole: drums (OED 1 & 2)
Scott Marks: bass (OED 1 & 2)
Greg Morgan: synth (OED 1 & 2)
Dave Willingham: guitar (OED 1 & 2)

Fake Universe Man
Jeff Arkenberg: Flute
Scott Marks: Trombone (Reconstruction Research)

Journey in Caldecott
Julie Carpenter: Violin (Five Days Without a Name)
Elizabeth Lucas Dombrowski: Oboe
Matt Pence: drums (Five Days Without a Name)

Her Name Came on Arrows / They Turned Our Desert Into Fire
Jeff Arkenberg: flute (Endless Migration)
Lena Buell: double bass and vocals
Danielle Stech-Homsy: shruti box (Butterfly Beach)

Sidera Steiff: drums (Video)